The Foundation

The GPF Foundation was established through an outpouring of love by close friends and the Friedman family in honor of Gregory Paul Friedman. Its mission is to support education, appropriate treatment and overall awareness of the dangers related to recreational drugs.

We are committed to:


Implementing a harm reduction approach.

We recognize that MDMA use is going to continue and many people may use these drugs only very occasionally. Our goal is to make sure that they have the tools and information they need to be as safe as possible.


Partnering with the academic and medical community to ensure our programs and activities are research-driven and integrated with medical and continuing education.

Evaluating all of our programs to ensure that they are meeting objectives and addressing the GPF Foundation’s mission.


In October 2018, the Foundation held its official launch event, an informational fundraiser attended by more than 300 people with presentations by leading experts, which raised in excess of $200,000 of initial support.

GPF stands for Gregory Paul Friedman as well as our tagline, Greg’s Path Forward.